My work at the University Medicine Greifswald

Currently, I am leading a workgroup on genetic epidemiology focussing on the following topics:

Genetic association studies


Since summer 2008 the main focus of my work is on performing genome-wide association studies (GWAS) based on the phenotype and genotype data of the SHIP cohort (Study of Health in Pomerania).
The aim of this work is to find susceptibility genes for various complex diseases.

ThyroidOmics logo

I am a co-leader of the ThyroidOmics Consortium which studies the determinants and effects of thyroid diseases and function.

Epigenetic studies

In addition to genetic studies, I lead and conduct projects analyzing disease-relevant variation on DNA methylation and gene expression. The data required for these analyses were assessed using array technologies on a genome-wide basis.


A more cost-efficient approach for identification of such susceptibility genes in the past was the use of pooled DNA samples. For managing and analysing data from these experiments I developed a database based on Caché.

The database technology of the company InterSystems is also used in my other projects.

My scientific profile at the Web of Science.